What is Life at Sea Like

Have you ever wondered what life at sea is like? Do you know that working in the sea is not just like any other job but a lifestyle you can choose? Have you ever imagined living in a ship in the middle of an ocean? There are many questions that many people have regarding life on the sea that many articles have not answered. If you would like to know more about how the life at the sea is, then continue reading on for more information. This article will provide information about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of living in the sea that you need to know.

The Advantages of living in the sea

Guaranteed Job security

Due to the risk involved in the sea jobs, many people are afraid to train as seafarers and this makes the demand for this job to be high. The compensation for these jobs is also high compared to other inland jobs. The seafarers are guaranteed the security of tenure of their jobs and thus no fears of retrenchment.


The most exciting experience is the numerous seafarers make as they get the chance to see places that most people can only imagine or dream.

Working for long with your colleagues

Most people who work in the ship may travel and work for months together before they arrive their destination. This will make them to be great friends and build a great network of friends around the world.

Long leave

If you work on the ship, then you are assured of getting 2-4 weeks leave based on the type of your contract. This is a period where you can spend quality time with your friends and family before resuming duty.

Disadvantages of Living in the sea

Spending long periods away from your family

If you are a family person and you work on the sea, then you are bound to miss some memorable moments may be having while you are on duty. This may include missing birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and other holidays due to your tight work schedules.


Life at the sea can be unpredictable and this puts the lives of all who work there at risk. The risks involved include storms and pirates who may attack the ship that one may

People who travel using the ship require a lot of documentation before their visas can be processed. The process can be tedious and stressful plus keeping in mind the long journey ahead of them.